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Speaking Partner Appointment: Sharing and Supporting Your Opinion

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ENG 106L Lesson 12 PDF


Part 1: Last week with your speaking partner, you read and discussed Alma 60, which is Moroni's letter to Pahoran. Go back to Moroni's letter in Alma 60 and with your speaking partner, and go through the different statements he wrote. (You don't need to read the whole chapter again, but just review the different topics he discusses.) Together, decide which of Moroni's statements are facts and which are opinions.

Share any other thoughts on Moroni's letter that you wish to discuss.

Part 2: Also, you wrote a draft last week of a letter where you are taking a stand on an issue that is important to you. Share this draft with your speaking partner. Decide together whether you have enough facts to support your opinions or whether you need to add more of your own opinions to improve your letter.

Share any other thoughts on the topic you are writing about with your speaking partner. Your speaking partner may wish to ask you questions about the topic to help you think about whether you would like to add more to your letter or change anything that you have written.


Part 1: Choose an opinion topic from topic list list for your speaking partner to explain their opinion to you. If you feel that your speaking partner needs to support their opinion with a fact, ask them questions or discuss ways that they could support their opinions.

Part 2: Choose a topic from the topic list to express your opinion with your speaking partner. Make sure you provide facts (as many as you know) to support your opinions for your chosen topic. Answer any questions the speaking partner may have for you.