Speaking Partner Changes, Fall 2013

A new semester, a new academic year, and new changes for Speaking Partners!

If you have been involved with the Speaking Partner program before, take note of the following changes that will go into effect for the Fall 2013 Semester:

  • Volunteers now visit ONCE a week, instead of twice.
  • ALL appointments will be standardized to 30 minutes.
  • A new sign-up and self-match system has been developed, which allows volunteers to pick a specific day and time to meet each week.

For Pathway students, the following additional changes will be put into effect:

  • All U.S. domestic Pathway ENG 106 students will act as speaking partner volunteers.
  • All ESL Pathway students will visit once a week with a peer in their own cohort to practice speaking English (this takes the place of the second speaking partner visit on Skype).
  • Reserve assignments for ESL students experiencing consistent logistical or communication difficulty will be made available to students who contact the Speaking Partner Office.

For additional information on changes, please refer to this internal memo.