Get More Out of Summer!

May 17, 2013
Writer: Online Learning

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Get More Out of Summer!

Summer is a great time to be at BYU-Idaho. Here's why:

Graduate Faster

  • A number of high-quality courses are offered on campus and online. You can take a few classes to help you move closer to graduation. Available courses include:

Online courses

  • FDENG 201 (Advanced Writing)
  • FDREL 121 (Book of Mormon I)
  • FDREL 122 (Book of Mormon II)
  • FDREL 211 (New Testament I)
  • FDREL 212 (New Testament II)
  • FDSCI 101 (Science Foundations)
  • FDSCI 201 (Natural Disasters)

On Campus courses

  • BIO 264 (Human Anatomy & Physiology)
  • COMM 102 (Public Speaking)
  • DANCE 180 (Beginning Social Dance)
  • FDCNC 350 (Foundations Capstone)
  • FDENG 201 (Advanced Writing & Critical Thinking)
  • FDINT 201 (Global Hotspot/ Pakistan)
  • FDREL 121 (Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi - Alma 29)
  • FDREL 122 (Book of Mormon: Alma 30- Moroni)
  • FDREL 211 (New Testament)
  • FDREL 324 (Doctrine & Covenants)
  • FDREL 327 (Pearl of Great Price)
  • FDSCI 201 (Natural Disasters Man & the Dynamic Earth)
  • GS 101 (Principles of Personal Achievement)
  • HIST 201 (World Civilization to 1500)
  • HRHP 131 (Personal Health & Fitness)

Save Money on Rent

  • Rent for housing in Rexburg is lower during the summer. You can save money while still meeting your educational goals. Click Here to search housing options.

More Flexibility

  • Summer offerings help you tailor your BYU-Idaho experience to fit your schecule. You can take classes on campus in Rexburg or take classes online from anywhere you choose. It's up to you.

Have a Good Time

  • Summertime in Rexburg is gorgeous. And it's a great time of year to be on campus. Devotional, campus employment, and select portions of the Activities Program all continue during the summer. You can experience the same campus life available throughout the year.


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