Welcome New Pathway Missionaries

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Online Support Center
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Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Mountain Time) M-F

Thank you for your accepted call to serve as Pathway missionaries. We are delighted for your dedicated service and hope you will see the blessings of the Lord as you work with your students. This is a program that touches the lives of all involved. Please know that we are here to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact the Online Support Center for assistance. The following information will help you with your first steps of your own Pathway experience.

Step 1:  Complete Forms

  1. Recommendation for Church-Service Missionary Form:  This form is the gateway for you to receive an official missionary call and to be set apart. Married couples serving together must fill out separate forms. Please print and fill out the forms and get the necessary signatures. Once we receive the forms, official missionary name badges will be ordered for you. (Note: You may continue on to the remaining steps while you complete the CSM form.)
  2. Personnel Action Request (PAR) Form: This online form will allow us to enroll you into the BYU-Idaho system, which will then give you access to a variety of resources you will need throughout the duration of your mission. Once the form is submitted, please allow 2-3 business days for processing before proceeding to Step 2.
    *Note: International Missionary couples will not fill out the CSM form; the PAR form will be the first step.*

Step 2: Set Up a BYU-Idaho Username and Password

In order to access important university systems, you need to generate a BYU-Idaho username and password. 

  1. You will receive an email from BYU-Idaho Human Resources with a personal 999#, a BYU-Idaho I#, and instructions for setting up your username and password.  
  2. After receiving your 999#, go to www.byui.edu/username. Use the 999# in place of your Social Security#.  If you have not received a 999#, please contact the Online Support Center.

Step 3:  Complete the Pathway Missionary 101 Training Course

  1. After setting up your username and password, contact Cindy Perdue at perduec@byui.edu so she can enroll you in the Pathway Missionary 101 Training course. Married couples serving together should complete the training individually. (You must complete this course before you can get access to Mission Control (see Step 4) or see any of your student's assignments and grades.)

This two-week training course has been developed to help you gain a comprehensive overview of the program as well as your role within it. You will learn about how Pathway began, Pathway's purpose in educating Latter-day Saint youth, how to effectively recruit new students, and much more. Many missionaries have commented that this training has been one of the most beneficial aspects of their preparation to serve.

Step 4:  Mission Control

  1. Once you complete the initial training course, contact Cindy Perdue at perduec@byui.edu, and she will enroll you in Mission Control.

Mission Control is an online information warehouse designed specifically for Pathway missionaries. It  is set up to assist you with your ongoing work in the program. It contains additional training materials, Pathway policies, effective recruitment tactics, order forms for marketing materials, application & registration spreadsheets, and more. Mission Control will be your go-to resource throughout the duration of your mission. Anything Pathway related that you may be wondering about is likely housed in Mission Control.

Step 5: Download a Compatible Browser

Online systems and databases are generally designed to work in any Internet browser; however, it is important to have more than one Internet browser available on your computer. This way, if a page doesn't function properly in one browser, you can try another. To download an additional Internet browser for free, click one or more of the following links. (Note: Most BYU-Idaho systems do not work well when using Internet Explorer.)

Download Firefox

Download Chrome

Download Safari