For more than 120 years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been offering educational opportunities to students in Rexburg, Idaho. However, it has long been realized that there is more the Church can do to provide a Church-based education to many more individuals. In 1971, Henry B. Eyring said the following in his inaugural address as president of then Ricks College:

Eyring"We must also find ways for this college to serve young people whose needs are shaped by a great variety of cultures and situations, and who may not be able to come to this campus.... We will find direct ways to move the blessings of education ... from this campus out into the lives of men and women everywhere."
President Henry B. Eyring, Inaugural Response, December 1971  

Nearly 30 years later, David A. Bednar stated:

Bednar"It will be necessary for us ... to serve ever better the thousands of students we have on campus while simultaneously reaching out to bless the lives of tens of thousands of young Latter-day Saints throughout the world... We must learn to assist and bless institute students and other LDS youth in Rhode Island and Rome while effectively serving our students on campus in Rexburg.
President David A. Bednar, Inaugural Response, February 1998  

Both of these men echoed a similar sentiment: BYU-Idaho must find ways to educate more students. And in 2009, a new program was introduced to do just that. Partnering with existing institutes of religion, the BYU-Idaho Pathway Program was launched in three U.S. locations with about 50 students, and it has now grown to thousands of students in dozens of locations worldwide. The university has truly found, as Elder Eyring said, "direct ways to move the blessings of education ... from this campus out into the lives of men and woman everywhere."