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What is a Text Editor?

A text editor is computer software used for editing plain text. It is distinguished from a word processor because it does not manage document formatting or other features commonly used in desktop publishing. Some text editors are small and simple, while others offer a broad and complex range of functionality.

Microsoft Windows systems come with Notepad; however, many people (especially programmers) prefer to use a complete program. Apple Macintosh's classic Mac OS previously used native SimpleText which was replaced by TextEdit.

What Text Editor Should I Use?

There are many free text editors that users can choose from. The text editors that come with an operating system (like Notepad) can be used to edit code. Since these are limited in functionality, users may wish to download a different text editor. Atom, Sublime, and NotePad++ are three popular text editors used today. The editors are similar and would all work for creating web pages. 


Atom is a popular text editor due to its many features. For example, while all text editors allow users to search through a file by typing in a text box, Atom supports an additional feature that allows users to search and replace the content through the text box automatically. Atom also allows users the ability to customize according to his or her desire after the user has installed the appropriate packages.

NOTE: Unless the user is an avid programmer, this information may not be pertinent. 

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Click here to download Atom.

NOTE: Atom is currently only available to Mac. There are some downloads for other platforms, but they are beta versions. 


Sublime is also a popular text editor and can be downloaded on any platform. It has everything that you would need to develop web pages, but it is not as customizable as Atom. 

Click here to download Sublime.


Notepad++ is a feature-rich text editor that can replace the standard, featureless Windows Notepad. It can do everything that Notepad can do, but also includes a myriad of additional features and functions. 

Click here to download NotePad++.