What are "a" Tags (Links)?


In HTML, “anchor” tags (links) are created with the <a> tag. 


<a href=”www.website.com”>Link Text </a>

Creating a Link Through the Ingeniux Editor

  1. While on an Ingeniux page, look to the “Body Copy” section.
  2. Once you have the page checked out, begin typing within the editor, just as you would a Word document.
  3. First, type the word or phrase that you would like to become a link.
  4. Then, select and highlight the word or phrase you typed, or one that already exists in the page.
  5. Once you have selected the text, look to all the editor options at the top of the editor. In the middle there will be a small picture of a chain link.
  6. Click the chain link. A window will pop up with several options.
The options at the top allow you to select what type of link you would like to create:

a. An internal link that connects to somewhere in the BYU-Idaho website

If you have selected the internal link option, begin typing the xID of the BYU-Idaho webpage into the input field labeled “page.”

b. An external link that connects outside the BYU-Idaho website 

If you have selected the external link option, begin typing the URL into the input field labeled “URL.”

c. Options to connect to a document, anchor, or email address

If you selected one of the other options, type the corresponding link into the input field.

  1. Select an option from the target dropdown menu. The default and first option will open the linked page in the same browser tab that the user is currently located. If you select the second option, “Open in new window,” the link will open the new page in a new tab.
  1. To finish, click “Insert.”

NOTE: Some browsers block new windows as “popups." All other options in the link window are not necessary.

NOTE: If you would like to remove a link, simply select the text that is currently a link, then click the broken chain link icon in the editor.

Creating a Link Through HTML Code


    1. While on an Ingeniux page, look to the “Body Copy” section.
    2. Once you have the page checked out, click on the small HTML button in the top left section of the “Body Copy” panel. If you have not yet created a link along with it’s text, locate the position in the code where you would like to put a link.
    3. Once you have located the position, type out the “a” tag like this:
    4. Enter text in between the tags to create the text that the user will click on:
<a> Click Here </a>.
    5. Add the “href” attribute.
    6. Inside the opening tag, type: <a
    7. The actual URL or link should be typed inside the href quotation marks
<href=”http://www.byui.edu/”>Click Here </a>.

NOTE: If there is already some text within the code that you would like to make a link, simple place the “a” tags around the text of choice.