Ingeniux is a website creator that hosts all of BYU-Idaho's web pages. (Note - Page Builder is a development tool inside Ingeniux, limited to MarComm Team production areas, but once sites are programmed departments will have access to update and edit content through Ingeniux.) All departments will need access to Ingeniux using the instructions below.

Ingeniux has been designed so that you can enter the site with little to no programming experience and help manage the content of each page. While it appears complex at first, it is relatively straightforward, and it is a lot simpler than creating an actual website. Listed below are some of the basic operations and functions of Ingeniux. 

How to Request Permissions

  1. To edit content on your pages you will need to be added to the appropriate group in the Role Manager. The group with Ingeniux permissions will always end with "Web Administrator", e.g. "University Relations Web Administrator". The group's administrator, usually an office assistant or supervisor, should be able to log in and add the user to the role by clicking on the role they administer and selecting "Add User". Please allow a day for the user's Web Builder (Ingeniux) access to take effect. If you are still having issues logging in, please contact John Martinez at
    1. Please note that Ingeniux is only accessible on campus to edit web pages.
  2. To change the layout or convert your site to Page Builder please work through your MarComm representative

How to Log in to Ingeniux

Image of the Ingeniux 10 login screen.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your myBYUI username and password.
  3. Keep the login menu on 'IGXADMembershipProvider". 
  4. When you finish logging in for the first time, Ingeniux will load and the dashboard will be visible.

Ingeniux Dashboard

The dashboard is the main informational display for Ingeniux. It contains some useful tools for your convenience.

Image of the Ingeniux dashboard screen for the BYU-Idaho website.

Some of the tools and their uses are listed below.

  • Status: The Status option allows users to notify other users about updates, events, or other concerns when they first enter Ingeniux 10. The comments will post to the activity stream.

Image of the status option on the Ingeniux 10 dashboard.

  • Favorites: If you find yourself going to one site over and over again, you can set a favorite site by clicking and dragging the site from the tree into the Favorites box. You can then click on the page from the favorites box, and then you will be directed to the site. This will always be set up on your login for easy access.
  • Create New: This option allows you to quickly create a new page from the Ingeniux 10 dashboard, and select which schema you want the page to have.
  • Assigned: With this option, you can see what pages are assigned to you, when they were assigned to you, and their xIDs.
  • Assets: Like the assigned pages, you can see what assets are assigned to you in Ingeniux 10 and track them across the website.
Image of four options on the Ingeniux 10 dashboard, like create new, favorites, and more.
  • In progress box: This shows sites that are “checked out” to you. “Checked out” sites are only editable by you. Check pages back in so that they can be published and editable by others. Think of it like a library; No one can read a book until you return it. The same goes for editing pages.

Image of the "In Progress" tool in Ingeniux 10.

  • Activity Stream: See what pages have recently been checked in/out, edited, published, and more. 
Image of the activity stream tool option on the dashboard in Ingeniux 10.
  • Publish Status: This shows some numbers about BYU-Idaho’s websites, such as the number of pages published.

Image of the publishing monitor tool on the Ingeniux 10 dashboard to show the website at a glance.


  • Monthly Production: This chart allows for visual comparisons of activity and production on the Ingeniux 10 website across the month.

Image of the monthly production tool on the Ingeniux 10 dashboard to show page production during the month.


  • Who’s Online: This identifies who is logged on to Ingeniux at similar times to you.

Image of the who's online tool on the Ingeniux 10 dashboard at the same times as you.

Navigating Pages and Folders in Ingeniux

Ingeniux has a navigational site tree that uses nested pages and folders. These pages and folders translate to the site paths of the actual websites.To navigate the site, please observe the following steps.

  1. Click on the arrow to the left of the desired category and wait for the pages to load.
  2. Once found, click on the desired content page.

Image of the BYU-Idaho Site Tree with all web pages on the BYU-Idaho website displayed.

NOTE: Do not click and drag content pages; doing so could create errors on the website. You cannot undo a click and drag in the site tree.

To Preview a Content Page 

Ingeniux comes with a built-in browser simulator which builds the selected site page. That way, you can see what the final page will look like. This helps with live-editing content pages and fixing errors.To preview a content page, please observe the following steps:

  1. Select a page in the site tree.
  2. Click the "Preview" tab at the top of the content page.
Image of how to preview a page in Ingeniux using the preview tab.


  1. Select a page in the site tree.
  2. Click the "Preview" option on the designer toolbar.
Image of the secondary option to preview a page in Ingeniux under the designer toolbar.