Ingeniux Getting Started

The following are introductory tutorials to help navigate Ingeniux, the web editing platform, which allows departments to make edits and changes to

Login to Ingeniux

Start editing your department site with credentials using this link.


Getting Started

Request permission to edit your site and become familiar with the navigation in Ingeniux.

Start Here

Adding Assets to Ingeniux

Upload images and other documents to your web site.

Add Assets

Creating a New Content Page

Add additional pages to your site.

Create Pages

How to Mark and Unmark a Content Page

Add additional pages to your site.

Publish Pages

HTML Headings

Use appropriate headings in your content page.

Learn More

HTML Images

Most Page Builder pages place images automatically, however if you have an older page here are some helpful tips.

Image Help

HTML Links

Create links to other pages, websites, documents or emails on your site.

Link Help

HTML Paragraphs

Create paragraphs or line breaks in your text.

Learn More

HTML Text Editors

Use a text editor to keep content free of formatting issues to use on your web site.

Edit Text

Ingeniux Spellchecker

Use the in-program spellcheck to review pages for issues.

Spelling Help

Locating and Searching with the xID

Each page in Ingeniux has a unique ID that can help you find pages to edit quickly.

Find Pages

Previewing a Content Page

Preview a page before you publish it to look for possible mistakes.

Preview Help

Saving and Checking Pages In and Out

Each page can only be edited by one user at a time by checking them out.

Edit Pages

Setting up and Accessing a Staged Webpage

While editing pages, use a staging area to save your work until you want it viewable for the public.

Work Area

Viewing Past Versions of Content Pages

Review past versions of a page to undo mistakes or see who made the last edit.

View Past Pages

Consumer Views of Titles and Abstracts

Make sites easy to find and use by consumers.

Be Found

Google and Social Media Views of Titles and Abstracts

Help Google and social media present helpful text to consumers for your pages.

Increase Visits

Social Media and Ingeniux

Give social media preferred images for your web page.

Share Images

Authenticated Pages

Protect or hide your pages from the public with required credentials.

Secure Pages

Additional Articles

See our additional trainings first on If needed, view advanced articles, from Ingeniux.