When creating a web page in Ingeniux, you may want to prototype your changes and test them out. Ingeniux does this by letting us create "staged" web pages, or in other words, a second web page that is separate from the main one, only accessible to those on Ingeniux. 

Creating a Staged Page

  1. Right click on the desired page in the site tree.
  2. Click on "Mark/Unmark for Publish."
Magnifier on the "mark/unmark for publish" option on ingeniux
  1. Click the checkbox in the "stage" row.
  2. Select "Current Version" in the drop-down menu to the right of the checkbox.
  3. Click "OK."
The "mark/unmark pages for publish" pop-up

NOTE: Most pages will already be created as live and staged. 

Saving Changes to the Staged Version of a Page

  1. Create Changes.
  2. Click "save" and "check in."
A close up on save and check in buttons on the Ingeniux toolbar
  1. In the next window, select only "stage."
the "check in pages to be published" pop up window
  1. Click "OK."

Viewing a Staged Page

To view a staged page, please observe the following steps.

  1. Get the xID of the page you wish to view.
  2. Enter in the following URL, adding in your own xID: ingeniuxstaging.byui.edu/www/x000000.xml.
  3. The staged web page will now appear. You can navigate through these pages and it will stay on the stage versions.