When you want to make changes on a page, you will need to check it out. Checking out a page will make the page only editable by you, but others can still view the page. After you have finished changing the page, you will have to check it back in. If you forget to check a page back in, other users attempting to make changes may become frustrated. Please make sure to check the page back in every time you check it out.

Checking a Page Out

  1. Select the page to check out.
  2. Click "Check Out."
zoom in on the "check out" button on the tool bar


  1. Right click the page in the site tree that you want to check out.
  2. Click "Check Out."
zoom in on "check out" option in menu

Undoing a Check Out

To undo a check out and delete all changes, please observe the following steps:

  1. Right click on the page.
  2. Click "Undo Checkout."
zoom in on site tree menu with "undo checkout"
  1. A window will appear. Click "Undo Checkout" again.
The undo checkout - page pop up window

NOTE: Checked out pages will have a sharper page icon on the site tree, while checked in pages will have a blurrier image.

zoom in on site tree Icons with associated names, one being more clear than the other

Saving and Checking a Page In

To save your work and check a page back in, please observe the following steps:

  1. Select the page to check in.
  2. If changes were made, click "Save."
  3. Click "Check In."
A zoom in on the save and check in buttons on the tool bar
  1. Select if you want to make changes to the live version of the page, the staged version, or both (for details on staging, see "Setting up and Accessing a Staged Webpage" in Ingeniux). If you want to save changes to both, hold Ctrl or Command and left click on both of them to select them both.
the check pages to be published pop up window
  1. Click "OK."
zoom in on the "ok" button