Each page created by Ingeniux is assigned an identification number called an "xID". This xID can be used to find the page on Ingeniux in the search bar. An xID for a web page can be found by looking at the details of a page on Ingeniux, but here it is explained how to find the xID on the active web page on the actual site.

Locating the xID of an Ingeniux-Supported Webpage

The following information provides steps about how to locating the xID of an Ingeniux supported webpage.
The BYU-Idaho front page
  1. On the web page, press Ctrl + u or Command + u to pop up the page's source HTML code.
  2. Press Ctrl + f to pop up a search bar.
The source html code of the BYU-Idaho IT site
  1. Search for "Page generated."
  2. A line will be found that contains the xID. this line will look like this:

 <!-- Page generated from x00000 with page type Content -->

A zoom in on the located xID on a page's source code

Using the xID to Locate a Webpage on Ingeniux

  1. Go to Ingeniux.
  2. On the top right corner of the page, click on the "Go To" field.
  3. Input the xID and press "Enter."
Zoom in on Ingeniux search field