Many websites on Ingeniux require images, videos, documents, or even code snippets to be inserted. Ingeniux contains a server drive where all assets are stored. These assets can be used by the websites on Ingeniux and the image links won't change.

To add assets to Ingeniux:

  1. Click on the "Assets" button on the toolbar, and the assets window will appear.
a zoom in on the "assets" icon on the tool bar
an image of the assets window
  1. Navigate to the folder which pertains to your site, or create a new folder by clicking "New Folder" in the window toolbar.
the assets window with the folders opened
  1. Click "Upload."
a zoom in on the "upload" button
  1. Click "Select File to Upload."
a zoom in on the "select a file to upload" button
  1. Select the file(s) you wish to upload by using the file navigator of your computer.
two windows open with a computer file directory
a zoom in on the "open" button in the file directory
  1. Click "Upload."
a zoom in on the "upload" button