March 24, 2017
Writer: Dani Gee

With the addition of Page Builder into Ingeniux, it was necessary to program and construct a library of web-components for the user's use.

What is a component?

A component is a pre-programmed widget which can be dragged and dropped into pre-designed layouts and can be re-used in multiple settings, pages and situations. The purpose of having a component-based website is to have the capabilities of updating the entire website at one time, giving web-editors opportunities to edit components the same across the board and to provide a more user-friendly web-interface for visitors. Click here for more information on "Page Builder."

Component Types

With the 30 new components, we have batched them into 7 different types of groups. The groups are as following:

1. Text Components

2. Media Components

3. Sidebar Components

4. Carousel Components

5. Grid Components

6. News/Article Components

7. Content Box Components

With the wide-selection of components and component types, a large variety of webpages can be developed uniquely and easily.
Tutorials are now available for nearly all of these components. Click here to be directed to Ingeniux's Page Builder tutorials.