Campus Groups

Campus Reservation Checklist

Step 1: Fill out the reservation request to:

  • Outline your groups' goals and objectives.
  • Identify the best format to meet your need 
  • Half day
  • Full day
  • Evening
  • Overnight
  • Select Activities you'd like to use *Coming soon.
  • Select teaching tools.
  • Select your dates. (Please supply us with 2 or 3 date options when making your request)

Campus groups will be able to start making reservations for the Fall semester (Sept. 16 - Dec. 20) on Aug 1st. Our reservation time periods will coincide with the University semesters, with campus groups having first priority registration for the first month of each semester.

The reservation request should be submitted 7 days in advance. Please wait for confirmation from our office before finalizing your group's plans.

*Availability is Tuesday to Friday morning, day, eveing, and overnight groups.  Morning and aftnoon groups on Saturday.  No evening or overnight groups on Saturday.

Step 2: Receive confirmation from our office.

Step 3: Gather forms, print packet for your group and your chosen teaching tools.

Step 4: Prepare your group.