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Supportive Campus Environment

First-Year Student Highlights from 2011 Survey

  • 72% of first-year students reported that their peers were friendly, supportive, and helped them feel as if they belonged.
  • 96% of first-year students reported a favorable image of BYU-Idaho.
  • 2% of first-year students spent more than 15 hours per week on c0-curricular activities.
  • 48% of first-year students spent no time on co-curricular activities.
  • 52% of first-year students found the administrative personnel and offices helpful, considerate, and flexible.
  • 90% of first-year students felt that BYU-Idaho had a substantial commitment to their academic success.
  • 73% of first-year students felt well-supported in their social needs.

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    Senior Highlights

    • 91% of seniors would choose BYU-Idaho again if they could start over.

    NSSE data