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Level of Academic Challenge

First-Year Student Highlights from 2011 Survey

  • 93% of first-year students felt that BYU-Idaho placed substantial emphasis on academics.
  • 63% of first-year students frequently worked harder than they thought they could to meet faculty expectations.
  • 51% of first-year students spent more than 15  hours  per week preparing for class.
  • 8% of first-year students spent 5 hours or less preparing for class.
  • First-year students reported substantial emphasis on:
    • Memorization: 60%
    • Analysis: 84%
    • Synthesizing and organizing ideas: 70%
    • Making judgments about the value of information: 74%
    • Applying theories or concepts: 80%
  • 3% of first-year students wrote more than 10 papers between 5 and 19 pages.
  • 16% of first-year students wrote at least one paper more than 20 pages in length.
  • 20% of first-year students read more than 10 assigned books and packs of course readings.
  • 34% of first-year students read fewer than 5.
  • 56% of first-year students  at BYU-Idaho reported that their exams strongly challenged them to do their best work.

NSSE Data - Level of Academic Challenge

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