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"The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) is a performance-based assessment that measures critical-thinking and written-communication skills. The CLA+ is delivered online to students as a Performance Task and a set of Selected-Response Questions."

Why Do Schools Participate?
"Schools participate in CLA+ to discover the extent to which they contribute to the development of their students' critical-thinking and written-communication skills. Collecting this information is one step in the process of improving teaching and learning."

Why Do Students Participate?
"Those of you who participate in CLA+ contribute to the results and data that inform your institution about its students' learning. After the testing window closes, you will receive a score report on your critical-thinking and writing skills which provides information on how well you performed relative to other students in your class level, both within your institution and across the CLA+."


Reality Check

BYU-Idaho participates in and benefits greatly from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA).  Similarly, a growing number of degree programs across campus are using national disciplinary exams.  These exams allow us to compare our work to that of our peers and so to gauge, however roughly, the quality of that work. As Margaret A. Miller recently wrote, assessments like the CLA can be a "reality check, the antidote to groundless self-congratulation."

Collegiate Learning Assessment  (CLA)

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) offers an authentic approach to the improvement of teaching and learning in higher education through a continuous improvement model, and recognizes faculty as central actors in educational improvement efforts.  The CLA assists faculty, department chairs, school administrators and others interested in programmatic change to improve teaching and learning, particularly with respect to strengthening higher order skills.  (

BYU-Idaho Reports

CLA Overview

BYU-Idaho CLA Report Fall 2012 (Freshmen only)

BYU-Idaho CLA Report Winter 2013 (Freshmen and Seniors compared)

BYU-Idaho CLA+ Report Fall 2013 (Freshmen only)

BYU-Idaho CLA+ Report Winter 2014 (Freshmen and Seniors compared)

CHARTS: Writing Effectiveness, Writing Mechanics, Analytical Reasoning and Evaluation, Problem Solving

Effect Size (Fall 2013/Winter 2014)