The goal of program-level assessment is to determine how well students are meeting the expected learning outcomes for a program and to create a plan for improvement. A program-level assessment report describes (1) the program outcomes, (2) a plan for assessing those outcomes, (3) a summary of actual assessment results, and (4) a plan for improvement. This type of program-level assessment is part of a continuous quality improvement process, and provides the information needed to make curricular and other program-level changes within the university.


By the end of each fall semester (Dec. 15th) program heads submit an assessment report for the previous academic year. A template for preparing the reports is available here, as well as in the Links and Forms section below. The report, along with any assessment data that was summarized in the report, can be uploaded to the SharePoint repository here, or simply emailed to outcomes@byui.edu. The college associate dean over curriculum should also be notified when this material has been submitted. To view the latest assessment reports, simply select a college from the Program-Level O&A drop-down menu above and navigate to the desired program. Previous assessment reports can be accessed in the Assessment Table in the SharePoint repository.

If you do not already have an established system for gathering assessment data, you may want to consider using this Excel template. The introductory video here gives a brief overview of the template and describes how to use it.

Links and Forms

The following links and forms may be helpful as you prepare your program-level assessment reports:

    • Report template. This template contains guidelines for completing a program-level assessment report.
    • SharePoint repository. This repository houses the actual assessment data that is summarized in the reports.
    • Data template. This Excel template can be used to help gather and analyze assessment data.
    • Data template video. This instructional video describes how to use the Excel data template.
    • outcomes@byui.edu. This email address can be used to submit reports, assessment data, or any questions about the process.