ORC Bike Repair


Having bike problems? Bring your bike to the ORC and we can help repair it.  Whether it's a regular tune-up or a major issue, our highly-experienced staff is ready to help get you back on the road or the trail as soon as possible.

For more information call (208) 496-7337, email orc@byui.edu or just stop by.

Price Chart

Service Price
Full Tune $ 28.00
Wheel True 12.00
Spoke Replace 2.40
Cassett/ FW Install 5.00
Brake Adjust 4.00
Disk Rotor/ Pad Install 5.00
Derailleur Adjustment 4.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment 6.00
Install Derailleur 8.00
Headset Adjustment 5.00
Hub Rebuild 12.00
Hub Adjustment 4.00
Chain Install 4.00
Change Tube 5.00
Cleaning Fee 25.00
Misc Labor Charge 2.00
Shop Rate per hour 12.00


For additional questions or pricing, call (208) 496-7337 or email orc@byui.edu