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Online Tools

System Requirements- Check to see if your computer supports the software for your courses. text only pictures and text Learn how to use the personal section of BYU-I's website to your advantage. text only pictures and text film icon

I-Learn- Find all the tools you need to navigate and utilize I-Learn to the fullest. film icon pictures and text

Email - Trouble with your school email account? We can help. Click for more information. film icon

Creating a Username and Password - New to BYU-Idaho? Create your username and password here. film icon

Skype- Have a face-to-face conversation in the digital world. text only pictures and text

Audacity- Use this program to create and edit audio files. text only pictures and text

Adobe Connect- Allows you to conference and communicate with instructors and classmates. text only pictures and text film icon

IT Maintenance Schedule- Know when the system is going to be down so you can plan ahead. text only

Academic Resources

Policies and Procedures of the Online Support Center Web Icon

Study Skills- The better your ability to study, the greater your success, in college and later in life. film icon text only

Writing- The number one skill classes and employers need is writing. We're here to help. film icon text only

Link to Mckay Library- Browse thousands of e-books and collections of articles on any subject. Web Icon

McKay Library Video Tutorials- Learn how to use exclusive research tools in the library website. Web Icon 

Video Tutorials by Class
- Having trouble with a specific class? Click to see if we can help. film icon

Tutoring Center- Still struggling with concepts? Schedule an appointment with an online tutor today. Web Icon - A completely free tool to teach you how to type better and faster.

Free English Language Resources- Helpful tips and links to free online services Web IconFinancial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid- Here is the process, step by step. text only Web Icon

Financial Aid Office- Go here for help and to get things done. Web Icon

Advisor Contacts- Specific questions and personal help are here to be found. text only Web Icon

Financial Aid Resources- Basic information about the system is found through this link. text only pictures and text Web Icon

Student Personal Account- Track debts, documents, and payments, and manage your money. Web Icon

Pay Tuition- Need to pay tuition or fees? The bursar's office is the place to go. Web Icon

Campus Resources

Policies and Procedures of the Online Support Center Web Icon

Academic Deadlines- Receive academic deadlines via text. Web Icon

University Bookstore- Find textbooks, clothes, software, Mac products, and gifts at the bookstore. Web Icon

Textbook Comparison Tool- Get the best price for your textbooks by following these easy steps online. Web Icon

Bulletin Board- Buy or sell books, services, electronics, and more with this handy tool. Web Icon

Student Grievance- If you have a problem the school needs to address, fill out this form. text only

Class Catalog- Go here to find out a little about classes and help plan your academic career. text only Web Icon

The Student Experience title bar

Honor Code- Learn more about the code that makes BYU-Idaho different--and what to do to follow it. text only

The Learning Model- It can change your entire experience when it's applied. Here's a little about it. film icon pictures and text

Live Devotionals- Listen to devotionals live, wherever you are. Web Icon

Microsoft Office

Excel- Useful from homework all the way to creating charts and graphs. Here's how to get started. film icon

Power Point- Slides and presentations are part of many classrooms. We're here to help you use them. film icon

Word- This basic program isn't really so basic. Learn a few tips to help jumpstart your work. film icon text only pictures and text

Google Docs- Make the most of this common collaborative tool with help from our staff. text only pictures and text

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