Certification in Home and Family Studies

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The Home and Family Studies certificate provides training and preparation for students interested in gaining basic skills for a wide range of opportunities. This certificate can be used either as a stand-alone certification or as the specialized portion of an Associate's Degree.

Home & Family Studies

Course Code Course Name Credits Availability
Take these courses
CHILD 210 Child Development 3 *Currently Available
FAML 100 The Family 3 *Currently Available
And take three of these courses:
FAML 160 Family Relations 3 *Currently Available
FAML 220 Parenting 3 *Currently Available
HFED 160 Home and Family Management 3 *Fall 2014
HS 131  Health & Fitness 2 *Fall 2014
*Note when courses are anticipated to be available. Dates are subject to change. Talk with your academic advisor when planning your schedule. Not all courses become available when the degree is opened for higher courses. Check individual course availability to see when each course is expected to be open.

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