BS in Healthcare Administration

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Prepare Yourself for the Field

The Healthcare Administration major prepares students to directly enter the United States workforce as administrators/managers of healthcare facilities, such as medical group practices, urgent care centers, long-term care facilities, department-level positions in hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, health insurance companies, etc. This degree is also a solid path for those seeking to pursue a graduate program in Healthcare Administration or Business Management.

Students will Study:

  • Finance
  • Business Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Medical Terminology
  • Epidemiology
  • Medical Law and Ethics

Career Opportunities

The Healthcare Administration major is designed to prepare students for entry level jobs in the administration and management of smaller healthcare facilities in the United States, e.g., Urgent Care Centers, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Long-Term Care Facilities, Doctor's Offices, Department-Level positions in Hospitals, and Health Insurance Companies; or to enter a Master's level program in Healthcare Administration, Hospital Administration, or Business Administration.

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The curriculum for this major is based upon the United States of America health care system. It is recommended that you do not declare this as your major unless you plan to work in the United States.

Degree Overview

The BS in Healthcare Administration degree can be taken entirely online. Students must complete the 40 credits of required Foundations courses and 49 credits of major courses (listed below) plus 31 elective credits for a total of 120 credits. Review the course list below or check the University Catalog for specific degree requirements. Check course availability and offerings or contact us today at (208) 496-1800.

BS in Healthcare Administration

Course Code Course Name Credits Availability
Take these courses:
BIO 264 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4

*Currently Available

Bio 264L Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1 *Currently Available
MATH 221B Bio Stats 3 *Currently Available
HRHP 131 Health & Fitness 2 *Fall 2014
HS 280 Medical Terminology 2 *Currently Available
Take these courses:
B 201 Introduction to Finance 3 *Currently Available
B 220 Business Communications 3 *Currently Available
B 361 Operations Management 3 *Currently Available
B 370 Human Resource Management 3 *Currently Available
Take the Healthcare Administration core:
HS 285 Hospital and Health Administration 3 *Winter 2014
HS 345 Healthcare Finance 3 *Fall 2014
HS 375 Managing Healthcare Provider Organizations 3 *Spring 2014
HS 378 Healthcare Strategy 3 *Winter 2015
Take these courses:
ECON 150 Economic Principles-Micro 3 *Currently Available
HS 391 Research Methods and Program Evaluation 2 *Winter 2015
HS 425 Managing Technology in Healthcare Provider Organizations 2 *Fall 2015
HS 465 Healthcare Insurance Industry 3 *Winter 2016
MA 106 Medical Law and Ethics 3 *To Be Determined 
Take this course:
HS 498 Internship 3 *Fall 2015
*Note when courses are anticipated to be available. Dates are subject to change. Talk with your academic advisor when planning your schedule. Not all courses become available when the degree is opened for higher courses. Check individual course availability to see when each course is expected to be open.

How Long will this Program Take?

Our online degree program allows students the flexibility to finish their degree while balancing a busy life. Students can accelerate to graduation by taking courses year round or take a semester off when needed. Students must complete the program within eight years.

What are the Courses Like?

Online Courses at BYU-Idaho follow a similar format and have the same learning objectives as campus-based courses. Students should expect to interact with each other and participate in the learning model. Learn more about BYU-Idaho courses online.

Where do I Begin?

Students who meet the admission requirements can apply to be directly admitted into an online degree program. These students will start by taking the online orientation course, GS 111. This is a one-credit course offered every block that prepares students to succeed online and charts a course to graduation. Pathway students who complete Academic Start do not need to take GS 111.

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