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Are personal counseling services available to online students?

Counseling Center services are limited, as only full-time day students are eligible.  If the student is not a full-time day student (eg. Online Degree, Off-track, Concurrent, or Continuing Education), please encourage them to search for local resources or contact their ecclesiastical leader. If a student displays suicidal thoughts or attempt, or has a personal safety issue, notify the Online Support Center (OSC) at, 1-866-672-2984, or (208) 496-1800.  Please provide as much information as you can so that the OSC can correctly handle the concern.  Further, dire emergencies can be referred to:(208) 496-9370 or outside M-F 8-5:00, MT: (208) 496-HELP.

Do I need to order my own textbook?

No, we request a desk copy from the publisher to be sent directly to you. Please let us know if you already have a copy of the textbook. If you have not received it two weeks before the class is scheduled to begin, please contact us.
Any other textbook questions? Contact Pat Saurey.
PLEASE NOTE: Students can order textbooks from the bookstore or from other sources.

How can I view a student's record?

To learn how to access a student record, view this tutorial. By viewing a student's record you can see their track, major, course schedule and other helpful information.

How do I help students who need assistance because of a disability?

Please have students contact Disabilities Services directly to learn about their options: or (208) 496-4271

How do I initiate an incomplete contract with a student?

First, review the I-Contract Guidelines. Then email the student outlining the requirements of the contract.
Be sure to include:

  • Student name, email address & I-Number
  • Instructor name, course, section number, and term
  • Description of the circumstances around the incomplete
  • If it occurred after the 10th week of class - (Yes or No)
  • If the student had a passing grade? (Yes or No)
  • If you feel you can assist the student in completion? (Yes or No)
  • What the student needs to do in order to finish the course
  • The required date to complete the course

Once you have received the student's response, forward the full email to:

How do I submit a grade change?

Grade change requests are available now online and can be accessed at  In the near future you will be able to access this electronic form through your Faculty Tab in  Effective immediately, please use this new electronic form rather than the old paper forms. 

I have a student who completed my class but was not on my grade sheet. How can I give this student credit?

Send an e-mail to: Be sure to include: Student Name & I-Number (found on my.byui), Course & Section Number, Semester, & Desired Grade.

What are some important things to know about my contract?

Please be sure to update your contact information each time you are sent a contract. Initial, noting that you have updated your information, and check to verify your future availability.
If your contract is not returned within two weeks, we will assume that you do not plan to teach the course, and we will find a replacement instructor. If you have any additional questions, contact Pat Saurey:

What can I do if I have concerns about a student's academic progress?

If the student needs additional content help, please direct them to tutoring resources:
They can click on "Online Tutoring" for step-by-step information about how to request a tutor.
If the student needs writing assistance please direct them to the Writing Center's online options:
They can click on "Online Support" for more information.
If they have too many classes, you can point them to their appropriate Advising Center.
If they have "non-counseling center" personal issues, you can point them to the Dean of Students Office (208) 496-3240.
Currently there is no centralized contact point for academic progress concerns.

What do I do if a student asks to be added to my course, or asks for course authorizations?

We ask that instructors forward any Course Authorization Requests from students to the Online Support Center at: Feel free to respond to students to let them know their request has been forwarded to the Online Support Center for review.

What do I do if students need advising?

All advising questions should be handled by the student's assigned advising center based on their major.
Online Degree students should get in touch with their assigned advising center or Online Advising, 208-496-9020 and Pathway students can be referred to Pathway Advising, 208-496-9898.

What if I discover plagiarism or other student honor issues?

For  concerns regarding Academic Start and Pathway students contact the Online Support Center.

For all other students please notify the Student Honor Office through e-mail or phone: (208) 496-9300
to report and counsel regarding possible student violations of the honor code.

The Student Honor Office is available for counsel regarding any issues that may arise, and encourage all students and faculty to be aware of the SHO policies and procedures.

For more information on academic honesty policies visit the Academic Catalog.

What is my role in the student grievance process?

If you are the instructor in question, we ask that you communicate with your Teaching Group Leader and the student to walk through the issue. If you are a Teaching Group Leader, we ask that you fully investigate the grievance and work with the instructor and student to bring the issue to resolution. Further information is included in the official policy, and in the email that is sent to the Teaching Group Leader.

What is the student grievance process?

If students have specific concerns about an online course or instructor, we encourage them to contact their instructor first. Sometimes their concerns are only a misunderstanding of an assignment or expectation. If a student is unable to reach their instructor and/or they feel their concerns have not been addressed, we ask them to review the University Grievance Policy (Online Addendum).
If they wish to submit a formal grievance, please have them contact the Online Support Center: or (208) 496-1800, or toll free at: (866) 672-2984.

Where can I find out about Library Resources for instructors?

Library staff have created a guide that shows online instructors some of the resources that are available, offers tutorials on how to use many of them, and gives instructions for using Interlibrary Loan and more. The website can be found at:

Where can I find payroll notification information?

Paystubs are available through a third party system from Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA). To access their paystubs instructors will need to login into with their DMBA identification number and password. (If you do not know your DMBA ID number and/or password call, 1-800-777-3622.) After logging in, select "My Benefits" on the left hand side of the screen and then "Paycheck Stub" from the drop down menu.