Flat-rate Cost for Online Course Materials, FAQ

The following questions and answers may help you regarding the new flat-rate cost for online course materials. For a list of current PathwayConnect tuition rates, please visit BYU-Pathway's cost calculator. Any additional questions should be directed to BYU-Idaho Support.

What do I need to do?

Verify your Shipping Address by August 23
First, you need to provide a valid shipping address to receive textbooks and course materials. The deadline for providing this address is August 23.

Register for Courses before August 23
You will then need to be registered for next semester’s classes by August 23 to ensure textbooks and other course materials arrive to you on time. Register for your courses by logging in to my.byui.edu.

Coordinate Delivery with FedEx
Once materials are shipped from the university on August 30, you will be emailed a tracking number. You will receive a new task in your student portal to call FedEx and give them your address and phone number for safe delivery.

Don’t purchase any textbooks or other course materials
There is no need to purchase your own textbooks and course materials. The university will provide these resources for you. The remaining FAQs on this page will explain why this cost has been created, how it is a benefit to you, and more.

Why has the university implemented a 10-percent flat-rate materials cost?

Due to the high costs of printing and shipping textbooks, BYU-Idaho has implemented a new flat-rate cost for course materials to help lower expenses for online students. The university is also gradually transitioning to provide digital and faculty-created materials for all courses, which will further reduce student costs.

With this new plan, students will pay far less than by paying for individual textbooks and course materials each semester.

How does this program work?

Students should be registered for classes five weeks before the semester begins to ensure that textbooks arrive before classes begin. For Fall Semester 2019 registration, this date is August 23, 2019.

Required books and course materials for each course will be automatically shipped for the classes students have registered for. The cost for the course materials will be equal to 10 percent of a student’s total tuition for the semester. Every course contains materials, which could include either physical textbooks and/or those materials within the course itself. This flat-rate cost helps cover all materials in your online courses.

Which students are affected by this change?

Those affected by the change are online degree-seeking students who completed PathwayConnect and pay tuition of $46 or less per credit hour. Students who pay more than $46 per credit hour will still purchase their course materials directly.

What are the important dates and deadlines I need to know for Fall Semester 2019?

  • August 23 - Last day to provide a shipping address for textbooks/course materials
  • August 23 - Last day to add a course that requires physical textbooks/course materials
  • August 30 - Textbooks/Course materials will be shipped and should arrive before classes begin on September 16, 2019.

In past semesters, my course materials costs were covered by BYU-Pathway Worldwide and the university. Does that program still exist?

No. The program that previously covered all textbooks and course materials expenses is no longer active.

How do I provide a valid shipping address?

Students must verify their delivery address by completing the address verification form located at https://web.byui.edu/BYUIStore/CourseMaterials before August 23.

Be sure to provide an address where you can confidently receive packages. If a home address is not suitable, consider providing a friend or family member’s address or even the address to your church building.

When should I register for my courses?

To ensure delivery of course materials by the time classes start, you must be registered for courses by August 23. You will not be able to add classes that require printed materials after August 23. Digital course materials and other items required for classes will be provided after registration.

Can I add courses after the registration deadline (August 23)?

Maybe. If the course you want to add does not require physical course materials that need to be shipped, the course may still be added.

If the course to be added requires physical course materials, it will not arrive in time for classes to begin. So, you may not add such a course after August 23, 2019.

How does this program save me money?

Below is an example of how this flat-rate course materials cost will save students a significant amount of money (following 2017 materials cost) :

Pablo is a student from Monterrey, Mexico, who is taking 12 credits in the business management certificate. Pablo pays $29 per credit hour. With his 12-credit course load, he will pay $348 in tuition. With the additional course materials cost equaling 10 percent of his total semester’s tuition, Pablo will only pay an additional $34.80 to cover all of his course materials. This means Pablo will pay a total of $382.80 for his next semester.

12 credits x $29 tuition per credit = $348 tuition
$348 x 10 percent (course materials cost) = $34.80

Now let’s see what Pablo would pay if he had to pay for his textbooks and course materials separately.

Paying for all course materials chart

With Pablo’s tuition of $348 added to the $507 of estimated course materials, he would pay a total of $855 for his next semester.

The new course materials cost is saving Pablo a total of $472.20 next semester.

How will the flat-rate course materials cost be charged? Where will this cost appear on my financial records?

The additional cost will appear on students’ accounts as an academic materials access cost. It will not automatically be totaled into the overall charge for tuition.

When will I receive my course materials?

As long as you register for classes before the shipment date (August 30) and provide a valid shipping address, textbooks and course materials will arrive by the time your classes begin. The materials are delivered to your home or to a nearby location.

Can I shop for my own books?

No, and it is highly unlikely that students will find course materials at a lower price. Please see the “How does this benefit me?” section for a more detailed explanation.

Another benefit to this change is that students don’t have to take time shopping for course materials. Materials are automatically ordered and shipped by the University Store.

Do I still need to pay the flat-rate course materials fee if my courses don’t require textbooks or materials?

Yes. Every course includes materials, whether they are physical textbooks or digital materials provided within the course itself. All these materials have a cost to produce.

Paying this flat-rate course materials cost each semester will not only offset the cost for courses that require several textbooks and materials, but also reduce the overall cost of your degree. The flat-rate amount will help keep the program sustainable.

Am I expected/required to return my books?

No. The physical textbooks and course materials will belong to the student.

Additional Information

For additional questions concerning this change, please contact BYU-Idaho Support.