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Online Learning at BYU-Idaho

Brigham Young University - Idaho

Brigham Young University - Idaho is a student-centered, high-touch university with a unique purpose. Guided by its affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU-Idaho seeks to develop students who are faithful disciples and capable leaders. All BYU-Idaho employees and students, including those participating online, are expected to abide by LDS Church standards and the BYU-Idaho Honor Code.

In 2000, the First Presidency of the Church and the Board of Trustees of Ricks College announced that Ricks College would transition to a four-year institution, Brigham Young University - Idaho. Since then, BYU-Idaho's challenge has been to continually improve the quality of the student experience, extend educational opportunities to many more members of the Church, and to lower the relative cost of education.

Learning Model

The BYU-Idaho Learning Model improves the quality of the student experience by fostering faith-building and life-changing learning. It guides learners and teachers to exercise faith to act, serve, and teach one another under the influence of the Holy Ghost. It includes an upward spiraling process of individual and group preparation, teaching one another, and pondering and proving. Instructors are expected to guide students through learning activities and provide opportunities for them to teach one another following this pattern.

Online Courses

President Kim B. Clark has identified online learning as one of six campus-wide initiatives to serve as an action plan for BYU-Idaho's progress. Consistent with the BYU-Idaho Learning Model and its high-touch culture, online courses developed at BYU-Idaho are to be semester-based and discussion-rich.

BYU-Idaho online courses are designed by on-campus faculty who work with curriculum developers to create a virtual classroom experience rather than a correspondence study class. All courses are pre-developed and are taught using the I-Learn platform, which currently includes a BrainHoney core.

Serving More Students

BYU-Idaho has committed to grow online offerings to deliver 20 percent of all instruction online. As part of this Online Learning Initiative, a variety of new online courses are currently being developed and many more are being upgraded to serve an increasing number of on-track, off-track, and pre-matriculated students online, offering them a growing selection of online courses and subjects from among those offered on campus. The success of the initiative will depend on recruiting a pool of qualified and dedicated online instructors.