Instructor Expectations

Online Instructor Expectations and Standards

Online instructors mentor students and facilitate teaching and learning. They should support and convey the ideals of the LDS Church, the mission of BYU-Idaho, and the BYU-Idaho Learning Model as they guide students to become faithful disciples and capable leaders. All new instructors must participate in an online training course prior to the start date of their first contract.  

BYU-Idaho online instructor standards are as follows:

  • Build Faith in Jesus Christ: Demonstrate that faith is a principle of action and power, and build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Develop Relationships with and among Students: Encourage relationships with students that strengthen opportunities for learning and teaching.
  • Inspire a Love for Learning: Help students realize their divine potential and prepare them for lifelong learning.
  • Embrace University Citizenship: Demonstrate citizenship by contributing to the mission of BYU-Idaho and Online Learning.
  • Seek Development Opportunities: Increase proficiency in respective discipline, in teaching practice, and in mastering course tools.