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BYU-Idaho Institute Hybrid Course

A New Innovation in Online Courses

BYU-Idaho is making Institute-online hybrid classes available to all its students, in hopes that many students will choose this type of course with its gathering component over a purely online course. Such courses can be a blessing both to the students who take them and the Institutes those students attend.

Online Convenience with the Benefits of Gathering

Students Socializing

Hybrid courses are very similar to typical online courses, with one significant exception: about one third of the usual course work for the online course is replaced with the requirement that students attend at least 80 percent of the classes for the relevant Institute course. 

While the standard semester schedule of most Institutes will not perfectly overlap with BYU-Idaho's unique semester schedule, in most cases dedicated students will be able to attend a sufficient number of classes during the months they are home from BYU-Idaho.

How to Register

Hybrid courses can be found by selecting the "Online & Institute" method or selecting "Religious Education" as the department in the course search tool. Contact your local Institute to find out if these courses are offered in your area and then register for the appropriate Institute course.

Fall Semester 2013 offerings include:

  • FDREL 211, New Testament- section 28
  • FDREL 301, Old Testament- section 20
  • FDREL 324, Doctrine and Covenants- section 21

Find an Institute

Find out what courses your local Institute is offering this semester.

      Important Things to Note:

      • Perspective students must be 18-30 years of age to be eligible to take Institute Hybrid Courses.
      • Students are permitted to take only one religion course per semester for BYU-Idaho credit.
      • Most traditional BYU-Idaho students will still earn the vast majority of their religion credits on BYU-Idaho's campus. However, through hybrid courses many BYU-Idaho students may discover the blessings of attending Institute, while earning credit for one or two courses
      • Current offerings are limited. However, more courses will be offered in the future.
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