five things you need to know about online learning

Our approach to online learning is the same as our approach to face-to-face courses. These are BYU-Idaho courses delivered online.

Online programs vary dramatically. It is important to understand that online learning is a delivery method not an ideology.

Dedicated Faculty

BYU-Idaho’s commitment to excellent faculty continues online. Each online course features a dedicated instructor to help you succeed.

Same Learning Outcomes

Online courses have the same learning outcomes as campus courses. In fact the same faculty that created the campus course created the online version.

Learning Model

Online courses leverage the power of the learning model to help students take ownership of their own education and facilitate lifelong learning.

Meaningful Interactions

You will interact with your instructors and classmates throughout your course. Watch this video about deep learning in online courses.

Learning online prepares students for the mixed-media, tech-savvy world they will enter after graduation.

Be More Successful

Knowing how to learn effectively online and use technology is critical in today's workplace. Students who take online courses are better prepared to live in a world that is based on technology.

Digital Future

BYU-Idaho is bringing technology to bear on education in a far more pervasive and powerful way than ever before, both in the classroom and in the creation of online courses. Online learning elevates the entire educational experience.

Rich Immersive Interface

Course content is continually updated to harness the power of technology through interactive course design, graphics, video, and more.

Online learning enables students from around the world to access a BYU-Idaho education online.

Over 140 Online Courses

More courses are offered online each semester, including a growing number of block and summer session courses. View the course list.

Online Degrees

Earn a BYU-Idaho degree online! BYU-Idaho offers both associate and bachelor's degrees online. Learn more.

Concurrent Enrollment

High School juniors and seniors can begin their BYU-Idaho education online at a significantly lower cost while still in high school. Learn more.

Institute Hybrid Courses

Blend the benefits of online learning with face-to-face courses through BYU-Idaho’s Institute Hybrid Courses.

Online courses include the distinct perspectives of students who study from around the world, providing an expansive experience not commonly found on campus.

Over 900 International Students

Students from around the world use online courses through the Online Degree Program.

More than 6,800 Online Students

During spring semester, there were 6,852 students in an online program at BYU-Idaho.

Over 11,600 BYU-Idaho Students Take Online Courses

Many campus students enroll in online courses, which compliment campus courses and prepares students to thrive in a technologically based world.

Before taking an online course, it is important to know what to expect. Online courses are more flexible, but they are not easier than face-to-face courses.

Be Prepared

Watch this video to better understand how an online class at BYU-Idaho works.

Semester Based

Online courses are semester based, which means that you can easily add them to your schedule.

Regular Due Dates

These are not self-paced courses. You will have regular due dates and class interactions each week.

Available To all Students

Any admitted BYU-Idaho student can take an online course, regardless of student type or track assignment.
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