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Overview & Requirements

This certificate is designed to provide students with basic technology skills needed to gain entry-level employment, or an internship, in web development.

What You'll Learn

Essential Knowledge and Skills (competencies)

  • Gain skills in web design, HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Learn to develop web pages that are semantic and valid using the HTML5 markup language
  • Learn to design web pages with valid Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) level 3 and avoid all HTML presentational markup
  • Learn to provide visually appropriate, usable, and findable content to both humans and machines
  • Gain skills in planning, designing, and developing web pages and sites according to best practices of organization and maintainability
  • Gain proficiency with current design principles as applied to the web
  • Learn to work effectively with others in a work environment by communicating clearly, fulfilling assignments and meeting deadlines

Careers in this Field

  • Web Frontend Developer
  • Information Technologist
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Web Content Developer
Course CodeCourse NameCredits
WDD 100 Introduction to Web Design and Development 1
CIT 160 Introduction to Programming 3
COMM 130 Visual Fundamentals 3
CIT 230 Web Frontend Development 3
COMM 310 Creating Online Media 3
WDD 331 Advanced CSS 2

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