Transcultural Experiences

Transcultural Opportunities through Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYU-Idaho) Nursing

The Department of Nursing is committed to expanding understanding and valuing cultural paradigms that impact lifestyle and healthcare choices. Cultural contexts are woven throughout the curriculum. Additionally, specific opportunities to study nursing in foreign lands are offered when available.

Current offerings:
Each fall semester, the Department of Nursing partners with the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Program for Near Eastern Studies to offer an opportunity to participate in the Jerusalem Studies Program AND study nursing in the Holy Land.  Single students enrolled in either
NURS 222- Maternal-Child Nursing or    
NURS 450- Nursing Leadership
in fall semester may apply to the Jerusalem Studies Program in Provo, Utah as a BYU-Idaho Nursing Student.  As many as ten nursing students may participate. Students are advised and oriented to specific requirements. Interested students should contact the Department of Nursing for guidance on course offerings to avoid duplications.  Additional information about the Jerusalem Center and the Near Eastern Studies Program is available at:  
Other opportunities are published when available.