RN to BSN Online Option
Designed for currently licensed Registered Nurses
Eight students, all in nursing uniform, in a classroom discussing course material.

You are required to complete a project for NURS 340, 449, 400, and 450.

Our email is:  RNBSN@byui.edu

Course Clinical Information is specified below

Course Clinical Information

NURS 340: Promoting Health & Wellness in the Aging Adult
  • Experiential activities for the 20 clinical hours requirement for this course are outlined as follows:
    • As part of your coursework, you will have the opportunity to organize, advertise, and teach education session(s) with older adults (can be family members 60-years-old or older) in your community throughout the semester.
    • At the end of the semester, you will be able to teach two older adults, according to priority needs, that have been identified from a needs interview assessment analysis.
    • Further instructions are available via the instructor and course once it becomes available on I-Learn at the beginning of the semester.

Clinicals will be completed through two projects. The first is a Family Assessment Project and the second includes a Scholarly Paper, Health Presentation, PowerPoint, and Brochure. Further instructions are available via the instructor and/or course once it becomes available on I-Learn 3 at the beginning of the semester.

The clinical for this course is broken up into three distinct parts. 

  • 48 hrs project research/work
    •  48 hours of  Web-Based RN Education
  • 12 hrs "Give Back"
  • 24 hrs planning and implementing a virtual Health Fair clinical project
  • To be completed as a Project.
  • Your clinical requirement for this course consists of selecting a project in leadership and management.
  • The project should consist of 84 hours. Total clinical time includes: 2 pre-clinical assignments, all work coordinating and completing the project itself, and the creation of the final reflection/presentation.

RN to BSN Clinical Professional Dress:

The dress requirements for the clinical are course specific. If an agency is needed to be accessed in an RN to BSN course, then the clinical uniform for RN to BSN students is a white scrub top with navy blue scrub pants. No shirts with logos may be worn under the white scrub top. A Lab coat is not required but is optional. Shoes are to be sturdy, non-skid, and closed toe. If you are employed by the same agency that you use for clinical, you may not wear your work scrubs at the time you are in clinical as an RN to BSN student. The RN BYU-Idaho ID badge must be worn in the community when completing theory, project or clinically related assignments for the course. The RN to BSN ID badge is to be worn for all class-related activities.  

RN BSN badge   

Please email a driver's license type photograph (shoulders up & a plain background) and your current mailing address to: BYU-Idaho Health Programs Outreach HPO@byui.edu. Badges may take up to 3 weeks for the full process.