Newly Admitted

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I'm in! What do I do Now?

To have a smooth advancement through the RN to BSN program once you are accepted, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Mail the Department of Nursing your properly completed Acceptance Form. Once received, your major code will be change to Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  2. Create your BYU-Idaho login and password (if you haven't already) at
  3. Contact the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic Discovery Center ( or 208-496-9839) to resolve any concerns regarding your Degree Audit and verify your graduation requirements.
  4. Review the following Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing web pages:
    1. Clinical
    2. Courses
    3. Course Sequence Petition
  5. Get a 10-panel drug test. This screening can be done at a facility your choosing, or you can go to, enter the code RG85DT in "Place Order" to see other facilities that are available across the U.S. (You will not be charged until charge information is requested.
  6. Register for your RN to BSN course(s) according to your assigned sequence and purchase needed text books.
    1. Online students register for CTED online sections, on-campus students register for either DAY or CTED sections.

Learn how well you degree and/or credits will transfer to BYU-Idaho