• NURSF303-Nursing Family Skills-Child
  • NURS 290-Special Problems

Works in Progress

Abel, Michael K., "Sources of Adolescent Faith: Explaining and Verifying the Origins of Religious Confidence." Under Review

Abel, Michael K., "Sacred Ties: Why Religion Inspires Confidence, Community, and Sacrifice." Book Manuscript.

Abel, Michael K. "A Theory of Religious Group Solidarity: Synthesizing Cultural and Rational Explanations of Religion." Manuscript

Abel, Michael K., "Confidence-based Sacrifice: The Impact of Belief on Religious Giving." Manuscript.

Kiser, Edgar and Michael K. Abel, "State-Making by Imitation: A Case Study of the Administrative Reforms of Peter  the Great." Manuscript.

Abel, Michael K., "Until Death Do Us Part: Western Conceptions of Marriage and Marital Persistence." Manuscript.

Other Publications

Abel, Michael K., 2000. "Communism and Religiosity: Communism's Influence on Public and Private Devotion in the Soviet Union." Writings 9:61-73.  

Abel, Michael K, 2008. Contributor to Classroom Activities for Introductory Sociology Courses. Belmont, CA: Thomas Wadsworth.