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Factors of costs include whether courses are taken on-campus or online and as a LDS or Non-LDS student. Because online courses through Continuing Education do not operate on tithing funds, there is an additional fee. Please note that Pathway tuition does not apply. The following are tuition costs as of the Fall 2013 semester:

RN-BSN Tuition

For tuition cost, see the see the tuition section of the most recent catalog.

    Other Academic Costs

    • Class fees $25 (for those enrolled in on-campus courses)
    • $68 per online Nursing course credit for an Advanced Continuing Education Tuition Fee.
    • Vertical credits cost $15 for .5 to 3 credits and $5 for each additional credit after that (total $30.00).

    Note: The above fees are subject to change and generally adjust for inflation on an annual basis. Fee changes will affect all students currently enrolled.

    RN to BSN application due February first