Career Outlook

The new graduate can function as a beginning staff nurse in hospitals and in a variety of health agencies.  Those who wish to pursue a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing may do so at BYU-Idaho or transfer, without difficulty, to other colleges.

Upon Completion of the RN to BSN Nursing Program, the graduate will utilize the nursing philosophy as a guide for holistic nursing care and be prepared to:

  1. Act as an evolving scholar using evidence-based solutions to clinical practice in a way that reflects personal and professional integrity and accountability by:
    1. Incorporating comprehensive leadership and community assessments into plans that foster patient and self-stewardship.
    2. Critiquing and using published research and available evidence as a foundation for critical thinking, clinical practice, and professional writing.
  2. 2. Make safe judgments in practice, substantiated with evidence that synthesizes caring, nursing science and multi-disciplinary collaboration by:
    1. Utilizing self-assessment and reflection of personal and professional practice in order to strengthen capacity for caring.
    2. Modeling multi-disciplinary professional behaviors seen in practice through completion of clinical experiences.
  3. Provide leadership in improving care through a commitment to the integration of nursing science, sound clinical judgment, ethical decision making, and professional identity by:
    1. Assuming increasing responsibility for personal and professional outcomes that reflect integrity.
    2. Demonstrating accountability and independence for designing and administering nursing practice in teaching/learning, critical care, and aging populations.