What courses will I need to take?

ASN Nursing Lab

ASN students can finish the program requirements within the 4 semester time frame. Foundation / General Education courses may be taken at the student's discretion, but all requirements for graduation must be completed by the final semester of nursing courses. See the Graduation Requirements in the current University Catalog for more information.

Once accepted into the ASN Program, anything which changes your educational plan (travel, illness, marriage, childbirth, failure of a course, ANYTHING) may delay your reentry into the program by as much as a year. Students are admitted on a "space available" basis. Additionally, a single failure in a nursing course will result in dismissal from the program.

ASN Sample Academic Plan - begins Fall 2011. ESL STUDENTS must submit TOEFL scores. See the General Admissions Policy in the University Catalog for details.

If you started the program before Fall 2011, go to the Before Fall 2011 plan.

For students beginning the Nursing Program Fall 2011 or later:

Sample Program Map PDF file for Traditional track

Sample Program Map PDF file for Alternate track

BYU-I Semester 1: (may Apply to the Program) Cr BYU-I Semester 2: (application reviewed by selections council) Cr
FDMAT 108(or other Gateway course) 3 BIO 265 (program pre-requisite) 4
BIO 264 (program pre-requisite) 4 Group 2: required (see table below) 4
Group 1: required (see table below) 3 FDSCI 101 (or other Gateway course) 2
FDENG 101(or other Gateway course) 3 FDREL 122 2
FDREL 121 2 FDENG 201(FDENG 101 is pre-req) 3
Total Semester Credits 15 Total Semester Credits 15
NURSING: 1st Semester: (If admitted, begin nursing program) Cr NURSING 2nd Semester: Cr
NURS 100 6 NURS 122 5
NURS 110 1 NURS 123 2
FDAMF 101 (or other Gateway Course) 3 FDREL 2
Total Semester Credits 13 Total Semester Credits 12
NURSING 3rd Semester: Cr NURSING 4th Semester: Cr
NURS 230 6 NURS 222 6
NURS 236 1 NURS 225 1
FDREL 200 2
Total Semester Credits 11 Total Semester Credits 7
Group 1: (3 cr. Req.) Group 2: (4 cr. Req.) FOUNDATIONS GATEWAY:
Psych 111 (3) Chem 101* (4) FDMAT 108 (3)
SOC111** (3) Micro Lab BIO 222 (1) FDENG 101 (3)
Medical Terminology HS 280 (2) Nutrition NUTR 150 (3) FDSCI 101 (2)
Child 210 (3) Pharmacology BIO 386 (3) FDAMF 101 (3)
Physics PH 101 (4)

Students MUST complete three credits from the Group 1 list and four credits from Group 2 list. More may be taken. These courses are all strongly recommended.

ALL Program Requirements must be completed by the end of the 4th nursing semester.

*Chemistry 101 is a prerequisite for Pathophysiology (Required for the BYU-I RN to BSN Program). All students planning on completing a BSN (whether at BYU-Idaho or elsewhere) are advised that Chemistry will be required. Taking CHEM 101 during the ASN is strongly encouraged.

**Sociology is required in California for Licensure. Other states may have similar requirements for Sociology or other academic requirements. The State Board of Nursing in your state should be able to help you.
Also suggested:

FDMATH 222, Bio STATS: important for those graduate school bound
BIO 381 Pathophysiology: required for the RN to BSN Program
FDCNC 250 Foundations Capstone: Required for RN to BSN

Revised: 19 Nov 2012