Arranging Clinical

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Please be aware of due dates for requesting clinical options as they are different for every option

On Campus and Local Online Students

On-campus RN to BSN students and online students using facilities in Rexburg or Idaho Falls will arrange clinical positions through your instructors in one of your first class meetings. The Nursing Outreach office does not facilitate any of these "local" placements. On your Clinical Placement Request  (due one week before the start of the semester) you will list "LSEI" as your clinical option. Example: SE Idaho or Other:  LSEI

RN to BSN Preceptorship Agreement

If you choose to complete clinical requirements for a course at a facility where BYU-Idaho does not have an Affiliation Agreement, you must complete the RN to BSN Preceptorship Agreement form in duplicate, obtain the appropriate hospital signatures on both copies of the form, and mail both copies to the Nursing Outreach office (103 ASB  Rexburg, ID 83460-8011).  On your Clinical Placement Request  (due one week before the start of the semester) you will list "Preceptorship" as your clinical option.  Example: Affiliated or Preceptorship:  Preceptorship

Preceptorship Agreements must be signed and mailed to the address at the bottom of the form prior to the 5th day of the semester.

RN to BSN Preceptor Manual

Clinical Outcomes through Projects

The Nursing Outreach program is happy to offer a project option for each course requiring clinical outcomes.  The project option has been accepted by our accreditation commission. Projects are set up between you and your instructor during the first week of the course and will fulfill the same clinical outcomes; but will be demonstrated outside of any facility setting. On your Clinical Placement Request  (due one week before the start of the semester) you will list "PROJ" as your clinical option. Example: Clinical or Project:  PROJ

Affiliation Agreements

This document is drafted by the legal counsel of both BYU-Idaho and the partnering organization. Formalizing these agreements takes a significant amount of time. Once in place the agreement applies to all BYU-Idaho BSN nursing students for the duration specified in the agreement. Generally, only hospitals frequented by our students seek to establish such an agreement.

The clinical request deadlines for affiliated facilities with BYU-Idaho are the following:

  • Fall - request is due by May 1st
  • Winter - request is due by September 1st
  • Spring - request is due by February 1st

For Online RN to BSN students to successfully secure a clinical position in a timely manner please:

  • Start clinical arrangements one semester before needed and submit request by the due date noted above.
  • Past students have been unable to complete their clinical requirements because they waited until the semester started to arrange a clinical.
  • If you desire to complete clinicals on the same unit/floor where you work, you must obtain permission from your instructor.
  • Immunizations must be up to date for the semesters wherein you complete clinical hours. If you require an exception you will need to follow the procedure for doing so.

How do I arrange those hours?

  1. Identify the area (unit) and number of hours needed. Basic clinical requirement information is found on the website on the Clinical Requirements page.
  2. Identify the facility/hospital at which you wish to complete the hours. (NURS 449 does not require a clinical placement request nor a preceptorship agreement because clinical hours are information gathering only, unless you desire one of the facilities where we have an Affiliation Agreement.)
  3. Determine if the facility/hospital has an existing Affiliation Agreement by visiting Locations & Options.
  4. If an Affiliation Agreement is in place, fill out a Clinical Placement Request  for any clinical placement at these facilities. Otherwise, you will need the facility/hospital to sign two original copies of the RN to BSN Preceptorship Agreement.

If your clinical will be at an IHC facility, complete the IHC packet.

If you have any questions about this process, or need to refer facility personnel to establilsh an affiliation agreement, contact the Nursing Outreach Secretary at (208) 496-1281 for assistance.