Courses & Sequences

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BYU-Idaho requires the minimum completion of 120 total credits for a Baccalaureate degree. In part, RN-BSN students meet this requirement by completing the following courses in one of the following two sequences:

Course No. Course Title Credits 3 Semester Sequence 6 Semester Sequence
NURS 316 Professional Seminar 2 1st Semester 1st Semester
NURS 338* Nursing Research 3 1st Semester 2nd Semester
NURS 327 Physical Assessment 3 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
NURS 449 Community Nursing 5 2nd Semester 4th Semester
NURS 400 Advanced Nursing Concepts 5 3rd Semester 5th Semester
NURS 450 Nursing Leadership 5 3rd Semester 6th Semester
NURS 331 Vertical Escrow Credits 6 Apply for 3rd Semester Apply for 5th Semester
BIO 381* Pathophysiology 3 At your leisure
FDREL Foundation Religion Courses 4-6 At your leisure
FDREL 200* Family Foundations 2 At your leisure
FDCNC 350* Foundations Capstone: Analytical Thinking & Moral Judgment 2 At your leisure

Nursing (NURS) courses are completed in a specific sequence to allow flexibility and guarantee the completion of the nursing courses in a timely manner. Apply for Vertical Escrow Credits during or following your completion of NURS 327 and NURS 400. 

Graduation requirements will vary depending on your particular circumstances. The following conditions may affect your required course work:

*These courses have prerequisite requirements:

  • The prerequisite course for NURS 338 is FDMAT, 108, 221A, 221B, or 221C. (Having FDMAT 108 waived as a University requirement does NOT waive the prerequisite to NURS 338.)
  • The prerequisite courses for BIO 381 are BIO 264 & BIO 265, or BIO 461.
  • The prerequisite for FDREL 200 is the completion of 24 credits.
  • The prerequisite courses for FDCNC 350 are a combination of 3 Foundations courses (i.e. FDAMF 101, FDENG 201, FDSCI 101).

For clarification regarding academic degree requirements, please consult with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Academic Discovery Center at (208) 496-9839 or email at