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Prior to becoming a RN, nursing students spend hundreds of hours applying their newly acquired clinical skills at hospitals and other clinical facilities. Such activities are commonly referred to as "Clinical(s)."

Clinical assignments in the RN-BSN program may include activities like: journaling, preparing and presenting presentations, participating in discussion boards, completing rotations with a clinician, writing reports, writing and submitting evaluations, etc... The following four RN-BSN courses require clinical components: NURS 327, 400, 449 & 450.

Course Recommended Facilities Rotation Hours*
NURS 327: Physical Assessment Clinics, Doctor's Offices or Project 48
NURS 400: Advanced Nursing Concepts Hospital, Long Term Acute Care Facility, Assisted Living, Hospice or Project 60
NURS 449: Community Nursing Public and/or Community Health Facilities or Project 12
NURS 450: Nursing Leadership Any Facility or Project 25

*The above hours only refer to the time spent at a facility with a preceptor and/or clinician. Other clinical assignments are not factored here. Note the 25 hours for NURS 450 the maximum time one is expected to spend with a preceptor and/or clinician.

Spring Clinical Requests due December 15th