Three Tips That Will Make It Easier to Land the Right Job Out of College

I-Plan is an education and career preparation tool that all students at BYU-Idaho now have for their benefit in planning their college experience and future careers. Although this resource has many helpful features, three key areas can increase students' readiness for the real world.

1. Organize a plan for your graduation

The Graduation Planner offers students a broad look at all semesters: past, present, and future. It gives students the freedom to rearrange classes, but it also automatically populates future semesters with required and recommended courses.  

"It lays out all of the courses that a student should take for his or her major and accounts for specific things like transfer courses, prerequisites, and the number of credits a student desires to take each semester," said James Gordon, Student Life's student success & retention director. "All students start out with what we call a recommended plan, meaning that nobody starts from scratch, which is a big step forward from where we were in the old grad planner."  

I-Plan allows students to create an alternate plan so they can see what another major or education path would look like, then change their major to that plan if they choose. This option gives students the ability to see how different interests can help them reach their educational goals. It also simplifies the process of changing majors because it can be done electronically without needing to see an academic advisor in person.  

2. Determine your educational strategy

Another important section of I-Plan is the Educational Strategy. With this module, students can take an interest assessment and learn what careers align the best. Students can then learn up-to-date information about those careers including a summary of the job description, annual wages, industry growth, and estimated job openings in the coming year.  

"We then display related occupations, majors that a student could take at BYU-Idaho that would lead to a career in the chosen occupation, and individual mentors a student could reach out to in order to learn more about the occupation," Gordon said.  

Decide what steps will help you develop professionally

A third module, Professional Development, is a place where students can see what recommended activities they should be involved in while at school to prepare them for the professional world.  

"These are non-course related activities like drafting a résumé, meeting with a mentor, joining an academic or professional society, and preparing for any graduate school entrance exams," Gordon said. "The items that are displayed in this module are activities we have gathered from the different academic departments, and are the things that they feel are important for their students to do prior to graduation."  

As students continue their academic progress, I-Plan will give them the direction they need to graduate and establish plans for a successful career. Using this new resource will increase a student's chance of landing his or her dream job right out of college.

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