Ready to Belong

Brigham Young University-Idaho is "student focused by design." Everything BYU-Idaho does is uniquely student centered. Earlier this year, BYU-Idaho created a new homepage and launched a new messaging campaign to educate primarily students and prospective students on the university's educational emphasis and student-focused benefits. 

"BYU-Idaho is a special place, and we hope to let potential students know that, so they can come and experience it for themselves," said Merv Brown, University Relations managing director. 

A survey of current BYU-Idaho students, clearly identified the following, four main hallmarks they recognize in the university: 1) teaching focus of faculty, 2) the power of gathering with students who share their values, 3) a focus on real-world preparation, and 4) the affordability/value of a BYU-Idaho education. Considering the mission of the university, there is integrity between what BYU-Idaho strives to be and what students experience. 


Over the next two years, BYU-Idaho will share hundreds of messages that center around how BYU-Idaho's focus on students allows the university to achieve its mission to develop disciple leaders of Jesus Christ. It will also reinforce the university's distinctive educational characteristics. For more information, visit