October 5, 2011
Writer: Writer: Jessica McIntyre

Brigham Young University-Idaho is extending an invitation to all students, faculty, and community members to submit an original hymn text for the 7th Annual BYU-Idaho Hymn Festival, held Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012. Submissions chosen will be given to students, who are majoring in music, to create a tune and harmonization for the submitted text.

Submissions don't have to be purely original to be chosen; adding an additional verse or verses to an existing hymn is allowed. Hymn texts can address any gospel topic and can be sung to an existing hymn tune if preferred. The Department of Music has asked that all submissions follow a common poetic meter.

"The Hymn Festival provides an opportunity for people in the community to share their talents," said Daniel Kerr, an instructor in the Department of Music.

"I love hearing new hymns sung by large congregations and feeling the spirit that comes with everyone uniting in song. At the Hymn Festival you get all of that."

Submissions are due Oct. 21, to Daniel Kerr's office in the Eliza R. Snow Building, Room 246. Submissions must include name, address, phone number, email, and a scripture reference supporting the text. For more information, please contact Daniel Kerr at (208) 496-4864 or kerrd@byui.edu.