Five ways to stay on top of your financial aid

Many students rely on financial aid—subsidized and unsubsidized loans, Pell Grants, and scholarships—during their time at BYU-Idaho. This aid goes towards paying tuition, book fees, rent, and other essentials. 

The BYU-Idaho Financial Aid Office disseminates information regularly regarding deadlines and tips on how to make the most of your financial aid. Check the five following channels for financial aid information.  

social media icon1. Visit the Financial Aid Website­

BYU-Idaho's financial aid website ( is the premier place to find information regarding financial aid deadlines. The website provides information for parents and students, as well as links to documents students need to fill out to receive aid. Make sure to visit their FAQ page.  

email icon 2. Check your Student Email

While there are many ways BYU-Idaho's Financial Aid will get you general information, any specific information they need to communicate with you will be via your student email ( Keep an eye on your email, even throughout your off track, for information about your financial aid.  

Office Icon 3. Visit the Financial Aid Help Center

If you're looking for additional information or help with your financial aid, visit the Financial Aid Help Center, located in the Kimball Building, room 196. There, you can receive answers to your questions, review and accept your awards, and scan and submit required documents.  

social media icon2 4. Follow Social Media Accounts

The BYU-Idaho Financial Aid Office can be found on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter under the name "BYU-Idaho Student Financial Aid." You can follow these pages for regular updates and an easy way to contact them with your questions. While many issues require a visit to the office, some questions can be answered online.  

Kiosk icon 5. Look Out for Campus Advertisements

Another way to get information about financial aid is by looking for posters and other advertisements around the BYU-Idaho campus. It's an easy way to keep track of deadlines and get general information.