April 27, 2010
Writer: Writer: Ryan Kunz

Earl M. Monson, former president of the Manila Philippines Temple, urged BYU-Idaho students to get to know their Father in Heaven and His plan during today's weekly devotional.

Monson drew from a popular Latter-day Saint children's song, "I Am a Child of God," saying, "He is the Father of my spirit ... and what a unique and wonderful Father we have. What is special for us is that we know what He looks like and what His purposes and intentions are."

The knowledge Latter-day Saints have of their Father in Heaven should motivate them to live righteously, Monson said. "There are not many in the world that have the knowledge we do about our Heavenly Father," Monson said. "That understanding should be a reason for us to live differently than the rest of the world."

Monson also urged students to get to know their Heavenly Father. "When serious problems come and I desperately need help beyond my own abilities, I can only turn to [Heavenly Father]," Monson said. "I don't want Him to think then that my voice is one He has not heard very often and that I only come to Him when I am desperate."

Monson concluded by saying that temple worship is crucial to the process of getting to know Heavenly Father and inheriting promised blessings. "The only place on earth you can gain all you need to know to return to [Heavenly] Father properly is through the temple ordinances," he said.