March 23, 2010
Writer: Writer: J. Rebecca Smith

Kevin Miyasaki, dean of students at Brigham Young University-Idaho, addressed students in a devotional address on Tuesday, Mar. 23. His theme was "Lovest thou me?" drawn from the New Testament story of Christ and Peter.

Miyasaki encouraged listeners to love God first. He tried to impress students with the magnitude of Heavenly Father's love for them, and how they should emulate that love.

Comparing students to branches of a tree, deep-rooted in the spiritual environment of the university, he asked that they nourish those roots with love. Obedience and sacrifice were attributes mentioned to develop a loving, contrite spirit. "When we figure this out and really get it-that real love of God-it means as we seek His will and then do ... His will, we are preparing ourselves for a much-needed automated response when we face adversity, trial and required tests of this mortality," Miyasaki said.

He related a personal story when his wife went into cardiac arrest in December 2008. Recalling his feelings at the time, he realized that this trial increased his ability to love. "As I went through this ordeal, there was nothing more I desired than for my sweetheart to live.... Because of loving God first, I was able to love my sweetheart the best. Because of submitting our will to the will of the Lord, we were blessed with so many miracles," he said.