March 9, 2010
Writer: Writer: Mark Beck

A record 22,997 students attended Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2009, continuing the university's steady increase in enrollment since becoming a four-year institution in 2001.

A major reason for the university's enrollment growth is the three-track system, which offers three distinct 14-week semesters throughout the year: fall, winter, and spring. Each student is admitted to a track consisting of two semesters: fall/winter, winter/spring, or spring/fall. By having three full semesters, the university is able to serve thousands more students.


According to Rob Garrett, admissions director, the three-track system has allowed the university to maintain a high acceptance rate despite an increasing number of applicants. "Without this system we would be forced to turn away thousands of students.

BYU-Idaho expects enrollment growth to continue. Last year the university announced a phased enrollment expansion plan, with the first phase to be implemented in Fall 2010. The first phase will increase the full-time equivalent enrollment cap from 11,600 students per semester, to 12,500. Subsequent enrollment increases are tentatively planned through 2015.