February 2, 2010
Writer: Writer: Mark Beck

Garth Waddoups, chair of the Department of Agribusiness, Plant & Animal Sciences, encouraged students to "never have a bad day" in a devotional address given Tuesday, Feb. 2.

To teach this principle, Waddoups shared an unusual experience he had while working as a veterinarian. He treated a dog at his clinic named Cholo, who had been shot five times and then buried by his owners, who were trying to put the dog out of its misery after being hit by a car. To the owners' surprise, a friend spotted Cholo a week later, suffering from his injuries, but clinging to life.

"Cholo had had a bad day. He set a new standard for bad days. He had been hit by a car, had his skull fractured, his eyeball popped out of its socket. He had been taken out into the desert away from his family and shot five times. Then to end this bad day, he was buried alive," Waddoups said. "So with this as our standard, I would submit that I have never had a bad day and neither have most of you."

Brother Waddoups taught that one way to avoid having bad days is to remember the importance of standing with the Lord in all things. "If we can remember that when we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to the Lord's help-it will give us confidence and the knowledge that we never stand alone; for only He was called to stand alone," he said.

Lastly, Brother Waddoups encouraged students to reach their full potential. "Our Father in Heaven sees so much more potential in us than we can ever see in ourselves," he said. "If we are willing ... we will realize that potential, and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with one another in that happy day that we will call the eternities.