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Dear Alumni,


This summer many BYU–Idaho/Ricks College Alumni Ambassadors returned to campus as part of Spirit Week. Together we reconnected with campus and discussed how we can best serve you—our alumni and friends.


Our experience together also increased our desire to help alumni—along with future and current students—remember, understand, and enjoy the “Spirit of Ricks.” Our goal as an Alumni Council is to help perpetuate this spirit at BYU–Idaho and even in our communities throughout the world.


Alumni leave this campus having had many wonderful experiences and look ahead to serving missions, pursuing further educational dreams, finding occupational success, beginning families, etc. We are all better individuals because of the time we spent at Ricks College/BYU–Idaho; however, life becomes very busy and time moves quickly on. Many lose their connection with the university.


We hope this and every issue of Summit Magazine reminds you of the perpetual nature of the “Spirit of Ricks.” And we hope you’ll come back to campus to rekindle those feelings.


I encourage all alumni to participate in the continued growth of BYU–Idaho. You can do this a number of ways:

•           Serve as an Alumni Ambassador.

•           Attend Spirit Week (each semester) with your family.

•           Register online with Alumni Connections at

•           Encourage your children and grandchildren to attend.

•           Share what you know about BYU–Idaho with others.

•           Update us about significant events in your life or the lives of other alumni.

•           Contribute philanthropically to help current students.


I invite you to come back to campus. Reconnect with BYU–Idaho by joining us at an upcoming Spirit Week, Mothers’ Weekend, alumni reunion, and Education Week. When you do, I am sure you will be reminded that there is “something different about this place.”


Happy ties,

Joe Marsden ’75

Alumni Council President



Landon Named Alumni Association President-Elect

Trina Billman Landon ’94 has accepted the nomination to serve the Alumni Association as the new president-elect. She will assume responsibility as the Alumni Association president in April of 2006. Trina and her husband Allan ’93 previously served as directors of the Young Alumni Council.


Alumni Visit England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Alaska

The Alumni and Friends Travel Club sponsored two tours in 2005. The first tour, hosted by Associate Academic Vice President Roy Huff, visited historical sites in England, Ireland, Scotland, and France. Highlights included Church history sites in England: the Gadfield Elm Chapel, the River Ribble in Preston, the John Benbow Farm, and the Great Malvern. Brother Huff’s expertise in Church history brought to life the stories and experiences of such early apostles as Wilford Woodruff, Heber C. Kimball, and Brigham Young as they converted thousands in Great Britain. While in France the tour went to the Normandy Beaches and the American Cemetery and Memorial.

            The second tour, hosted by Advancement Vice President Garth Hall and his wife Sharon, was a seven-day cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Anchorage, Alaska, on Princess Cruise Lines. Many guests also visited Denali National Park. For information on future alumni tours, please visit


New Alumni Council Members

The following new members were welcomed to the Alumni Council:

• Sid ’83 and Ann Ahrendsen ’83 of Rexburg, Idaho

• Craig ’79 and Chantal Cobia ’02 of Sugar City, Idaho

• Blaine ’74 and Michelle McInelly ’73 of Driggs, Idaho

• Sid ’81 and Karen Muir ’90 of Rexburg, Idaho

• Steve ’72 and Sharon Schwab ’72 of Rexburg, Idaho

• David ’83 and Jenelle Thueson ’83 of Salem, Idaho

• Daris ’97 and Lorraine Weimer ’89 of Rexburg, Idaho


Alumni Ambassadors Update and Conference

There are over 300 Alumni Ambassadors serving as local representatives for the Alumni Association and BYU–Idaho. They provide valuable links with alumni, students, parents, and friends of the university. This past summer over 50 Alumni Ambassadors participated in the second annual leadership conference held in conjunction with the Summer Spirit Week at BYU–Idaho. All who attended experienced first hand the changing face of campus and had a chance to mingle with students. Highlights included seeing the new buildings, gardens, and temple site and enjoying a dutch oven dinner in Victor, Idaho. Advancement Vice President Garth Hall welcomed the group and encouraged them to rediscover the uniqueness of BYU–Idaho and to share it with others. If you are interested in learning more about Alumni Ambassadors, please contact the Alumni Office by calling 1-800-537-2586 or e-mailing


Fourth Annual Alumni Lagoon Day

The Alumni Association sponsored its fourth annual Lagoon Day at the popular theme park just north of Salt Lake City. Over 200 alumni and family members enjoyed a fun day at the park and a picnic lunch. The day was capped off with a spectacular fireworks show as part of the 24th of July celebrations. Mark your calendars for July 22, 2006, and come to the next Lagoon Day where you can enjoy an alumni discount to the park, a free lunch, and a chance to mingle with other alumni.


Regional Alumni Scholarships

The Alumni Association recently completed its third year of offering scholarships for children of alumni. They are pleased to announce that 56 received awards for a total of $22,700. Appreciation is extended to the numerous Alumni Ambassadors who encouraged students to apply and helped with the review of applications.

            Applications are now being accepted for the 2006-2007 school year. If you know of incoming freshmen who are children of alumni, please encourage them to apply for this award. A printable application form can be found at


Spirit Week

The Summer Spirit Week and Family Day brought alumni together to compete with BYU–Idaho students in softball and a 30-lap relay. Once again the alumni snuck by the students with a comeback for a 15 to 14 win in softball.

            The relay race was part of the opening ceremonies and Spirit Rally. The alumni team was one of 30 teams that participated in the relay. The team finished near the middle of the competitors and said they had a great time.


Reunions for Ballroom Dance Company and Life Sciences

The Alumni Relations Office is busy planning the next two on-campus reunions. The first is for all team members of Ricks College and BYU–Idaho Ballroom Dance Companies. This event is scheduled for March 25 and will include a dinner and the annual Ballroom Dance Concert. This reunion follows a successful event in 2004. It will be hosted by Doug Smith and Shawn Fisher of the Dance Department faculty. If you are a ballroom alumnus, mark your calendar and come make March memories.

            The second reunion planned is for all Life Sciences alumni including those who majored in biology and all pre-professional areas. The reunion is scheduled for Friday, October 13, 2006, and will be held in conjunction with Fall Spirit Week activities. This event will be hosted by current and retired Life Science teachers with special remarks by Dr. Lyle Lowder. Come enjoy an evening of fun and fond memories.

            Invitations will be mailed out prior to each reunion and details will be posted at


Rixida Yearbooks and the Scroll Now Online

All issues of the Rixida yearbook (1917-1999) and the Scroll student newspaper—formerly known as Student Rays, The Purple Flash, and The Viking Flash (1905 to present)—can now be viewed online.

            This new resource opens the archived material to the public and provides a great way to remember and learn more about the history and legacy of Ricks College and BYU–Idaho. Just visit the Alumni Association Web page at and follow the links to “Yearbooks” and “Student Newspapers.”



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