String Ensemble Audition information

Symphony Orchestra, and  Sinfonietta *

One audition serves for both orchestras. Symphony/Sinfonietta auditions are held the first Monday of each semester, beginning at 11:30am. Sign-ups and auditions will be held at the following locations:

  • Violin - SNO 257 
  • Viola - SNO 163 
  • Cello - SNO 254 
  • Bass - SNO 259

Be prepared to play the following at the audition:

  1. One or more short excerpts of current solo literature that demonstrate a variety of styles and tempos. 
  2. Specific orchestral excerpts assigned for that particular semester. These excerpts will be sent via email to those registered for Symphony Orchestra. Contact for more information about these audition materials. 
  3. Sight reading as needed.   

* We strongly encourage all students to register for Symphony Orchestra as early as possible, regardless of the audition outcome. This will ensure that you receive important communication regarding audition procedures and materials.  

Come to the audition warmed-up and with your instrument out of the case and tuned. Bring with you the completed Audition Form (available at the door).    

Baroque Ensemble  
Baroque Ensemble Auditions are held the first Tuesday of the semester, beginning at 11:30am. Sign-ups and auditions for all instruments held in SNO 254. Come prepared to play an excerpt from a Baroque or Classical sonata, suite, or concerto. Sight reading will also be required. Contact for more information about audition materials.    

University Orchestra  
An audition is not required for University Orchestra. Participants need only to register for the class.